Claim Your Free pooltogether.eth Subdomain

Exclusive claiming of pooltogether.eth subdomains is starting for the first group today! 🎉

Update June, 15th: All PoolTogether users with more than $1k deposited can now claim their free subdomain! Claim here.

What is a PoolTogether.eth subdomain?

PoolTogether.eth subdomains are ENS subdomains powered by Namestone.

They are built on the famous Ethereum Name Service: A decentralized naming service that allows you to own your name, store your user data and receive any kind of tokens or NFTs.

✨ You can now own a piece of pooltogether.eth by claiming a personal subdomain! ✨ All of that for free and without any additional gas fees.

Why PoolTogether.eth subdomains?

  • Gives you a free ENS name!

  • No transaction fees to setup

  • Customized to you personally

  • Simple way to receive tokens and NFTs

  • Showcases your membership in the community

  • It’s fun! 🏆

Your subdomain is custom to what you choose. So if you register the name Pooly, your address will be pooly.pooltogether.eth


PoolTogether.eth subdomains are being slowly rolled out. To start, they are available to the core PoolTogether community. Anyone who verified as POOL Hodler on Discord can claim now.

Start the gasless claiming process here. Stay tuned for the next drop if you aren’t eligible this time!

Reminder; don’t get scammed!

Please be careful to not get tricked. Opening pooltogether.eth to the public also means anyone can register any name.

You can find a list of verified subdomains here. If you see any suspicious activity, you can help by reporting it.

Dive into the pool:

Join the PoolTogether community on Discord to stay up to date with all things PoolTogether and meet other Poolers!


  • I’m not eligible this time. Can I still get a subdomain? Yes, you can! Stay tuned for the next drop. 👀

  • Does it cost anything? No! PoolTogether names are free and the process of claiming them is gasless.

  • Can I edit my profile? Yes, you can come back to the namestone site anytime and change your records without paying gas.

  • I already have an ENS. Can I use the same address? Yes, you can point multiple names to one wallet.

  • Are subdomains transferable? Not at this stage, but stay tuned.

  • What happens after expiry? Currently, all addresses have the expiry date set to May 31st, 2024. All addresses are intended to extend automatically assuming they aren’t abused.

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