More Prizes, More Winners, More Options!
August 2nd, 2022

As of today, all depositors have a better chance to win prizes. This is due to the 5th update to the prize distribution going live!

Prizes across the PoolTogether network grow! As deposits grow both the total amount of prizes and the dollars distributed grows with it!

The new prize distribution

This new prize distribution:

  • 🔼 Increase in total daily dollars distributed
  • 🔼 Increase in unique prizes distributed (aka more winners each day!)

This prize distribution is also chain optimized. Different chains have different transaction fees and audiences so the prizes are tailored to make the most sense for each chain.

Need help deciding where you want to deposit? You can use the “Pooly Bot” on Discord to simulate expected returns on each chain for your exact deposit! Join the Discord here and then follow the directions here.

You can use the Prize Calc site to calculate your expected prizes with a specific deposit size.

You can also see how prizes are being awarded across the whole network on

What’s next?

PoolTogether is all about prizes and the most important thing is to keep the prizes getting larger and more fun! If you have opinion on how you think prizes should be distributed, fill out this survey.

Still have questions?

Great! The community has your back! Join the Discord here.

The PoolTogether Protocol is non-custodial and autonomous, be sure to understand the risks of using decentralized finance software before using the protocol.

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