Stake ETH, Save Money, Support Public Goods

Everyone winneth with

PoolTogether is good for everyone. Whether for a small fish or whale investor, prize-savings offer an edge over most other financial tools.

Prize-Savings Accounts are proven to

  • increase net savings

  • encourage saving over gambling

  • be more effective at increasing savings than high-interest returns

The PoolTogether protocol has taken this financial narrative to the next level. Due to the nature of the blockchain, the protocol makes prize-savings fully auditable, permissionless, non-custodial and provably fair.

But PoolTogether is not just good for you - it can also be used to do good. One of these examples is!

What’s is a PoolTogether V3 pool that allows anyone to stake their ETH while everyone wins. But how? 🧐

The concept is simple:

  • Stake ETH

  • Save money

  • Support public goods

…and have a chance of winning one of the weekly prizes! 🌊🏆

This is possible because Lido’s staked ETH increases in supply every 24 hours as yield accrues to Ethereum validators. This increase in supply turns into the weekly prize pool.

The reason everyone is winning: 50% of this prize pool is redirected to charity every week! The other half is split between two random winners.

Sponsorships for a good cause

Watch the weekly prize growing 👀
Watch the weekly prize growing 👀

With the success of PTIP-84, both charity and depositors are now winning extra big.  PoolTogether is boosting the community pool with a 91.4 stETH sponsorship deposit. This deposit is not eligible to win but contributes to the prize and to the good cause.  Adding confidence, bigger prizes, and a mechanism for growth to the pool. 🎡

Thanks to the Witnet Foundation for also sponsoring the pool with 12.6 stETH as well as sponsoring the awarding of the pool which fetches the random number from their oracle network.

Take a look now 👉

Learn more

Any open questions? Have a look at the User Documentation or ask the community of Poolers on Discord.

All code is open-source. Check the GitHub if you consider getting involved!

The PoolTogether smart contracts are non-custodial and autonomous. Be sure to understand the risks of using decentralized finance software before using it.

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