DeFi for all through better UX

PoolTogether is a global savings account with superpowers. It’s one of the most widely used DeFi protocols with a very unique premise. Have a chance to win without losing your money

With its combination of simplicity and utility, the protocol has become the front door to Decentralized Finance.

PoolTogether’s new look and the upgraded Prize Machine have been bigger steps into the future of the protocol.

This article spotlights the small changes that contribute to making PoolTogether the simple, secure, and compelling on-ramp to DeFi it is today.

Now live:

👛 Improved wallet connection via RainbowKit 
➕ Easy Onramping with Coinbase and Juno 
💱 Multi-currency support

Improved Wallet Connection 👛

Decentralized Finance can be complicated. To use an app users often have to jump through a couple of hoops before they can do their first transaction. Everyone is expected to know what they’re doing, but the reality is often different.

Thanks to RainbowKit, you can now learn more about what a wallet is and how to get one in addition to simply connecting a wallet. No previous knowledge necessary!

Your most recently used wallet is always displayed at the top to make it extra easy.

Easy Onramping ➕

So far the PoolTogether app helped to swap or bridge any existing assets you have. But what if you don’t own any crypto yet?

By clicking on Get Tokens, you can now get USDC and ETH directly into your self-custody wallet via Coinbase and Juno!

Multi-currency support 💱

Did you know that there are a whopping 180 currencies circulating that are recognized as legal tender? As a globally accessible protocol, PoolTogether’s users are from all around the world. Most of them are non-native to the US dollar. 👀

This is why 44 of these currencies are now featured in the PoolTogether app! You can choose your preferred currency in the settings:

👉 All features are live now on 👈

What’s next?

The community is waiting for the first grand prize to award while guaranteed rewards for all depositors on Optimism are still ongoing until March 28th.

After that, it is time for the next PoolTogether with more assets, more yield sources, and more prizes. Expect more soon!

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The PoolTogether protocol is non-custodial and autonomous, be sure to understand the risks of using decentralized finance software before using the protocol.

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