WinBooster: Win faster & more

Win faster and Win more

PoolTogether V5 enables anyone to claim prizes and charge a fee for doing so. You can deposit and chill and simply receive prizes. WinBooster is a new way to win on V5, unlocking optimized prize results, and returning higher prize value.

Speed is important

By using WinBooster you unlock priority boarding to the prize claim line. The general fee system for prize claims works like an auction where the maximum fee allowed increases until the prize is claimed, starting with a fee of zero. This means it takes a significant amount of time for the prize to become available for claiming.

Why should you care about that? Prize tiers can run out of POOL prize liquidity. Because of the statistical nature of the prize system, it can award more prizes than there is POOL to pay for. For example, tier 1 may have 1,000 POOL in liquidity, a prize size of 250 POOL, and award 5 prizes. In this case, the 5th prize claim will have to be pulled from the reserve. If the reserve is empty the 5th prize cannot be claimed. By using WinBooster you enable claiming before the fee auctions begin and your chance of winning prizes on those draws increases substantially. And of course who doesn’t like winning sooner? Because the claim fee for the WinBooster is outside of the auction, your claims do not need to wait and you are moved to priority status for winning prizes.

More value

By using WinBooster you win more prizes. With the V5 prize claim bot system, the bots are only allowed to charge up to 10% of the prize value in fee. This means you can win a $1 prize but if it costs more than 10c to claim the bots will not claim it for you.

But you want your $1 prize, right? WinBooster claims all prizes for you with a cost of up to 69% of the prize value. Delivering you more prizes and thus more prize value.

Don’t miss a prize

If a vault has lower yield and is receiving fewer prizes the cost to claim will go up. Because the entire prize pool designs prizes reflexive to gas costs this can result in vaults that have prizes just above the standard bot max claim fee. Again, the WinBooster can help you to win these prizes.

How does it work?

You fund your winbooster with POOL on Pooltime specifying who the authorized claimer is. You can also specify the maximum amount of POOL you want to spend per prize on gas costs. This amount can be changed at any time. You can add to or withdraw the POOL funding at any time.

Check it out on
Check it out on

Why should I pay for claiming when I can just receive prizes without paying?

Because you’re saving money. Remember that prize claim bots can charge up to 10% of the value of the prize. The gas cost plus a service premium is always included in your prize claims. WinBooster only charges at most a 5% premium on the gas cost, giving you the best competitive rate on claim costs.

How to get started?

To start boosting your prizes, you can fund with POOL today at

Any Questions?

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