Enter the 4626 Alliance

The PoolTogether community is proud to join the 4626 Alliance in its pursuit of advancing composability across the entire ecosystem. 

What’s ERC-4626?

ERC-4626 is an Ethereum standard for tokenized vaults. Vaults are smart contracts that accept token deposits and provide token rewards to depositors. The ERC-4626 vault standard is an extension to the widely known ERC-20 token, providing an API for yield-bearing vaults to represent shares of the underlying ERC-20 token. 

Similar to how ERC-721 standardizes NFTs, the purpose of standardizing vault implementations is to facilitate easier integration and interoperability between applications, plugins, and tools that interact with vaults. This allows developers to build on top of any vault following the 4626 implementation, instead of creating custom adapters each time.

If you’re a builder, here’s all the resources you need to get going: Dev Docs - GitHub

A tokenized vault standard
A tokenized vault standard

Why does it need an Alliance?

The 4626 Alliance is a group of leading protocols and applications that share the mission of supporting the development and deployment of ERC-4626 vaults. ERC-4626 drastically simplifies the process of building cool and useful applications by decreasing the complexity of integration while improving UX and security.

Together, the alliance works to amplify the Defi ecosystem through interoperability. Rather than building many custom adapters for each vault implementation, anyone can easily build on top of any vault, creating a more robust and secure ecosystem for all.

The 4626 Alliance: A line up stronger than Coachella's
The 4626 Alliance: A line up stronger than Coachella's

PoolTogether & Vaults?

The next version of PoolTogether is currently in audit. Once live, anyone will be able to add new assets and yield sources to the protocol in a fully permissionless manner. 

Is there a 4626-compatible yield source? Have a vault! If not - wrap it. Stay tuned to learn how to dip any token into a prize-bearing vault soon. 🌊🏆

Dive deeper

Builders, get ready. Here are some additional resources:

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