PoolTogether Version 5

This article explores the new PoolTogether V5, its benefits, how to use it, and how to get involved with growing the protocol.


The PoolTogether Lore

PoolTogether V1 was launched in the midst of 2019’s crypto winter. Modeled after prize-linked savings, it was designed to help anyone grow their savings in a fun and engaging way.

The premise of prize savings is simple — It’s a savings account that offers the chance to win large prizes. Even if you don’t win, you always keep all your money. This is possible because the prizes are derived from the interest that accrues on deposits.

PoolTogether took this concept onchain and made it uniquely better. Powered by Ethereum, the protocol was able to make prize savings provably fair, globally accessible, and fully non-custodial. Since its launch and through four protocol versions, PoolTogether distributed over $10,000,000 to its users.

Version 5 takes it a step further. It marks the transition of the PoolTogether protocol into a permissionless prize-savings hyperstructure that is accessible to anyone and can run indefinitely, without the need for human intervention.

👉 Access PoolTogether V5 now: Cabana.fi // Pooltime.app

How does PoolTogether V5 work?

  1. Users deposit into prize vaults

  2. Vaults earn yield

  3. Yield is sold for POOL which is added to the prize pool.

  4. A daily draw determines the winners

  5. Bots distribute prizes and keep the protocol running

Stay tuned for a technical deep-dive into PoolTogether’s architecture on this Mirror blog or find a link to the developer documentation at the bottom of this post.

What’s different about PoolTogether V5?

Version 5 is a fundamental upgrade that massively improves the protocol in terms of decentralization, automation, and incentivization. Learn why:

A more diverse range of assets

The protocol is now permissionless. Anyone can launch their own Prize Vaults, backed by (almost) any ERC-4626 compatible yield source. Depending on which interface you are using you may see different vaults. At launch, Cabana’s default vault list will feature USDC, WETH, and DAI. These vaults use Aave v3 on Optimism as a yield source.

Just hold prize tokens to win

In PoolTogether V4 winners had to claim prizes before they expired after 60 days. With V5 you just deposit or swap in. If you win, your prizes are automatically sent to your wallet. No more claiming necessary.

A fully permissionless Hyperstructure

No governance controls, no voting, no multi-sigs, no permissioned roles. PoolTogether V5 removes manual protocol governance and replaces it with automation powered by a series of incentivized auctions. Once deployed, the protocol code becomes immutable and cannot be changed.

The entire stack is open source (from the code to the brand) and Generation has created a suite of tools to support teams building on top of the protocol.

PoolTogether V5 creates new ways to interact with and profit from the protocol:

What’s not changing with PoolTogether V5

Everything you love about PoolTogether remains the same: It’s still a no loss prize savings protocol that allows you to win big and withdraw your deposit in full at any time.

In over 4 years of protocol history, no one has lost a pennie. No protocol fees, no exploits, no third-party incidents - zero funds have been lost, ever. Security is paramount for PoolTogether and its users. To ensure this will not change with Version 5, the new smart contracts have been audited three times by two separate security firms.

With Code4rena we ran two competitive audit contests with over 120 participants analyzing the contracts and contributing reports over a two-week period total. Find the reports here: Part 1 / Part 2

Macro Security dedicated three experts to a month-long private audit, analyzing the Prize Pool and TWAB Controller smart contracts. You can find their full audit report here: Audit Report

Additionally, we hosted a 6-week long private beta and have an ongoing bug bounty program.

Use PoolTogether V5

With the release of V5, there are already two user interfaces you can pick from:

  1. Cabana.fi (created & hosted by Generation Software, learn how to deposit)

  2. Pooltime.app (created & hosted by the Pooltime team)

You will be able to find all verified user interfaces on pooltogether.com/interfaces from now on.


Or you go with no front end at all! PoolTogether V5 makes it possible to directly swap into prize tokens. That means there is no need to deposit through an app or to claim prizes. Just swap into a prize token and start winning. Check out Cabana Swaps to find the best swap.

Over time, we expect to see more applications and use cases emerging, making it easy to tap into the PoolTogether prize network and increasing accessibility for its users.

Dive in and reach out

The good news doesn’t stop with today’s public launch. The coming weeks are packed with additional information and updates about the new protocol. To begin with, on Tuesday, October 24th at 3 pm UTC, we will host an AMA on the PoolTogether Discord. We hope to answer any outstanding questions you may have about PoolTogether V5. See you by the pool!

To get involved and stay up to date:

Mint “Prize Printer” today

Celebrate the launch of PoolTogether V5 by minting the first in a series of commemorative NFTs. This Open Edition mint starts today and will be available for 30 days. Be on the lookout for more in this series soon.


Disclaimer: The PoolTogether protocol is non-custodial and autonomous, be sure to understand the risks of using decentralized finance software before using the protocol.

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