Bridging into OP Rewards with Zapper ⚡️
July 27th, 2022

Zapper V2 is live for everyone, and it’s better than ever. Why are we talking about Zapper? Because it makes using PoolTogether easy! But let’s start at the beginning:

PoolTogether? Zapper?

Just as PoolTogether is your home for savings, making wealth creation accessible & fun — Zapper is exactly that but for Web3. It’s demystifying blockchain data and, by doing that, making it actionable and fun to use.

Sounds like a recipe for besties! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

What’s new with V2?

The Zapper as we all know it condensed almost all your blockchain activity into a simple dashboard. V2 does that too - but also way more than that. It effectively becomes the front page of Web3 by giving you dedicated overviews for NFTs, DAOs, DeFi protocols, and your personal or other people’s profiles. Wild!

Are you looking for something in Web3? Type it into Zapper’s search bar and see what comes out. 👀

These things alone make it the ultimate starting point for web3 and one of the go-to websites I share with beginners already. But there is more.

How does Zapper improve the life of Poolers?


  • gives you an overview of your tokens, like USDC, POOL & OP
  • helps track your deposits in PoolTogether and other dApps across chains
  • provides you with the best routes to Swap & Bridge

Don’t have your funds on Optimism yet? No problem. Zapper’s bridge feature allows you to get them over to Optimism from 8 different networks in a few simple steps. You only have x token but need ETH or USDC? That’s no problem, too - the bridge supports cross-chain swaps!

Bridging USDC to Optimism

Below we’ll look at bridging the USDC token from Polygon to Optimism. The process is about the same, no matter which networks you choose.

Disclaimer: Transactions on Optimism require ETH! I’m bridging USDC here; make sure you get some ETH on Optimism first!

To begin, head to the Bridge section that you’ll find on the left side of your screen.

Step 1) Select networks & tokens

Step 2) Enter the amount you want to send & hit confirm

Step 3) Click “Approve” and confirm the approval transaction in your wallet. This is the first of two required transactions and will allow Zapper to access your tokens.

Step 4) Now click “Confirm” and confirm the second transaction in your wallet. By doing that, you’ve initiated the bridge process and your funds are on their way!

Step 5) That’s it! Your funds should arrive on Optimism within less than two minutes. ⚡️

Watch the video below for a full walkthrough:

And now?

Get rewarded for saving with PoolTogether on Optimism. OP Token Rewards are live now. Deposit here to be eligible.

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