How I started using PoolTogether with my card within about 5 minutes
May 10th, 2022

How to use PoolTogether when you’ve never used Web3 or crypto before?

Are you new to crypto? Or just don’t want to deal with Metamask… Maybe you just don’t know how to swap a token? In this article, I want to give you a tour of my journey using PoolTogether like a newbie.

Everything started because a Contest

PoolTogether on Twitter shared this twitte about a contest to win a nice delegation of 10,000$ for a week and it was interesting for me because I noticed a low participation rate which mean more chance to win (BTW I won two times)

Delegation means you're giving another wallet additional chances to win prizes without losing custody of the underlying deposit. Orange wallet shares their odds with others but keeps the funds.

As you can see in order to participate we had to use PoolTogether with at least 10$ for this contest, Also I wanted to know if I can suggest using Orange wallet to a friend that doesn’t want to get into crypto because he knows that he could lose his money if he does something wrong or just fail in a scam.

So I started Orange Wallet and I did try to buy $USDC in APP using my card.
After pressing “Buy Token with Bank Cards” they simply asked me which token I want and for which chain using which FIAT.

After that, I had to choose the one ramp FIAT option which I took Moonpay.
After feeling my Card details they asked me to verify my email and I received the $USDC Token in my wallet within 2 minutes

Ho snap! I don’t have $MATIC to deposit in PoolTogether

Now I realize that I don’t have $MATIC to pay the fee for the Deposit in PoolTogether but… Orange wallet was smart and provide a FAUCET to get free $MATIC

Finally, I used the Dapp tab and deposited it into PoolTogether V4.

But what if I want to get this wallet on my PC or just in any other place?

You can export your wallet secret phrase and Mnenomic easy in the settings :

If you have any questions about Orange wallet you can contact them on Discord

Do you want to contribute yourself or need some help using PoolTogether? Get in touch with us on our Discord!

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