4 years of Noย Loss

4 years ago the first version of PoolTogether went live.

Happy anniversary to all Poolers and to anyone who contributed to this day. Before we fully dive into the future of the protocol, let's celebrate what was achieved so far!


The first version of the PoolTogether protocol was launched at the peak of crypto winter in June of 2019.

Bringing the concept of No Loss Prize Savings onchain attracted over 500 unique savers to pool 150,000 DAI in the first 6 weeks.


Only 69 days later PoolTogether V2 was released.

Savers now enjoyed weekly prize draws, the eligibility to participate in all future draws and instant withdrawals.

The result: $34,000 in prizes awarded, 12,000 global users, and zero dollars lost.


PoolTogether V3 followed in October 2020. V3 introduced:

  • Many prizes across different prize pools

  • Deposit rewards for everyone

  • New asset types, yield sources, and prize distributions

  • Provable randomness with Chainlink VRF

V3 ๐Ÿ‘‰ $8M in prizes distributed


In October 2021, V4 of the protocol rolled out with daily prize draws and major improvements to previous limitations.

PoolTogether was now multi-chain and allowed creating thousands of winners & larger prizes. The whale-proof design ensured fairness for small fish.

Since launch of V4, the protocol distributed $3.2M+ in prizes to more than 320K winners.

One thing hasn't changed from the beginning: PoolTogether is the No Loss protocol.

๐ŸŽ‰ Celebrating 4 years of No Loss! ๐ŸŽ‰

A collection of Superpower Poolys is waiting for all historical users of PoolTogether V4.

Mint up to 3 free Pooly NFTs on Optimism, each showcasing how deep you entered the pools.

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All art by @noiamgodzilla
All art by @noiamgodzilla

Whatโ€™s next?

It's almost time for the next upgrade. A PoolTogether that combines the best of all versions.

A fully autonomous and permissionless protocol accepting all tokens and yield sources. Subscribe to this Mirror or follow PoolTogether on Twitter to not miss an update.

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