PoolStreaks Season IV
April 27th, 2022

Let’s go Poolers - PoolStreaks Season IV is here!

What's PoolStreaks?

PoolStreaks is a community-led game on the PoolTogether Discord, open to all POOL token holders.

How does it work?

The game is simple: Predict the outcome of the daily PoolTogether draw!

Every day when the PoolTogether draw-timer hits 00:00:00, Gamemaster DaBoom will post a new question in #Pool Streaks.

🏆 Grand Prize: The first player to get six questions right without missing one wins a weeklong delegation of 9,000 PTaUSDC.

The winner gets a weeklong delegation of 9,000 PTaUSDC!
The winner gets a weeklong delegation of 9,000 PTaUSDC!

New in Season 4

Be sure to claim your POAP if you participated in Season 3! At the end of this season, all POAPS enter the Bonus Raffle to win one of three possible prizes!

🏅 A Pooly NFT or one you don't already have *(only available to the winner of this season)
🥈 A Trophy NFT or one you don't already have besides Pooly *(only available to the winner of the mini-game)
🥉 3 uGMI & A Streak of 1 for Season 5 (available to all players that didn’t win)

Prizes of the PoolStreaks Doubler-Raffle
Prizes of the PoolStreaks Doubler-Raffle

There may or may not be a secret mini-game floating around within Season IV. If there is, and you figure it out, a weeklong delegation of 3,000 PTaUSDC is yours. Keep your eyes peeled for the oddities, as those could be clues! 🏆 👀

Note: From now on, Season POAPs are only issued to players who answered at least three questions.


  • Once the question is closed, all answers are recorded. Late responses will not count.
  • Players are only allowed to choose one answer.
  • If you do not like a question, you can skip it without hurting your streak.
  • Once a player has an active streak of 4, that player wins a Free Life

What’s a Free Life?

  • A Free Life is automatically used in case of an incorrect answer (cannot bank FLs).
  • If a player chooses, they can delegate a ‘Free Life’ to another player, even if they already have one.
  • After using a Free Life, it is no longer available until that player earns a new streak of 4.

What happens in the event of a tie?

In the event of a tie, the players tied at 6 (or 7 if you’re wild) can either share the delegation (4,500 each for one week) or push the winning number by one until one winner emerges.

  • Each time the winning number is pushed, the players will again have the option to share before the next question is announced.
  • If the tying players cannot agree upon a decision, a poll will be held for the other players to vote on what to do.

Note: Pushing the winning number by one does not bring the rest of the players who did not tie back into the game. Only the tying players remain eligible to win once there is a tie (at 6 or 7).

Good Luck, Streakers! Welcome to Season IV! 🌊🏆

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