Dive into the Private Beta

A new hyperstructure is born: 🎉 PoolTogether V5 is live for a private beta on Optimism Mainnet now! 🎉

Read on to find out what’s new and how to gain access.

Save to win

PoolTogether is a protocol for prize-savings.

The protocol is designed to help people save money in a fun and engaging way. It’s a financial tool offering potentially outsized returns without the downside of giving up custody or the risk of losing underlying assets. Anyone can deposit for a chance to win big.

After more than four years since PoolTogether’s initial launch, the new V5 distills the learnings gained from four versions.

To ensure its readiness V5 has been thoroughly tested and underwent a series of audits by Code4rena and Macro Security. Now, it’s finally ready to help people win by saving.

What’s new with v5

The PoolTogether you know was limited to a single token and yield source. With V5, this is finally changing.

What you get:

  • Fully immutable hyperstructure

  • Permissionless vaults & incentives

  • All yield automatically liquidated into a single prize token

  • Prizes sent directly to winners. No more claiming!

  • ERC-4626 compatible

What hasn’t changed:

  • 100% No Loss

  • Withdraw whenever you want

  • Keep your chance to win as long as you have a deposit

The private beta starts with two boosted prize vaults for USDC and wETH on Optimism. Both vaults are generating prizes by utilizing AAVE V3 as their yield source.

Ultimately, the protocol is designed to allow anyone to save any token they want while generating larger prizes for everyone.

V5 Beta Launch Ecosystem
V5 Beta Launch Ecosystem

Simple Breakdown

Instead of pools, users now deposit into prize vaults for a chance to win.

  1. Users deposit tokens into vaults

  2. Vaults generate yield

  3. Yield is liquidated for POOL tokens and contributed to the Prize Pool

  4. The amount of contributed POOL determines the Vault's portion of the odds

Visit the official developer documentation to learn more about the details.

Inviting all Core Poolers: Become a Beta Birb

The beta phase aims to give those who know the protocol best a chance to verify that this is the PoolTogether they truly love and enjoy. During the 30-day beta phase, the community has time to get involved in testing the protocol and providing feedback.

A 🔑 to access the new PoolTogether was dropped in the secret #private-beta channel. To begin the onboarding process and get access, type -privatebeta on the PoolTogether Discord server.

You are invited to try the all-new PoolTogether before the public if you hold any of these assets:

  • 1000+ POOL

  • 1000+ PTaUSDC

  • A Pooly or Pfer NFT

  • A PoolTogether GitPOAP or PoolyCon POAP

If you already finished the beta onboarding, you can dive right into the beta here.

Perks for beta testers

To make the private beta extra fun, beta birbs enjoy a number of perks, including:

Delegations 🏆
A total of $300,000 in V5 delegations goes out to 50 lucky Poolers who signed up via Spect. The winners will be announced shortly.

Vault Boosts 🏊💨
The USDC and wETH vaults get a yield boost of $3,000 over the full four weeks. Boosted yields mean bigger prizes for all!

Redacted for all 🧩
Special < redacted > are waiting for all beta participants. For each phase, users will be allowed to < redacted >.

Meet Cabana.fi

Cabana.fi is powered by PoolTogether
Cabana.fi is powered by PoolTogether

Cabana is a series of open-source interfaces to interact with the new PoolTogether protocol, built by Generation Software. Initially, the Cabana suite includes:

🏝️ The Cabana App: A front end for depositing into prize vaults for a chance to win.

🏭 The Cabana Factory: A tool to permissionlessly deploy new prize vaults for any ERC-4626 compatible yield source.

📄 Cabana Lists: A tool for curating vault lists and displaying them on front ends.

All three interfaces are live now! Check out cabana.fi to learn more about each of them.

A look into the future

There is a lot more in the bag that we’re excited to unravel, beginning with the public launch in four weeks. Some of the things you can expect:

  1. More tokens, more yield sources: The vault factory allows any protocol to tap into the network’s prize pool.

  2. More chains: The hyperstructure is ready to scale, with planned deployments on BASE, Arbitrum, zkSync, zkEVM & Ethereum.

  3. More winners, bigger prizes: 1 plus 2 equals 3. Join us in growing prizes for everyone.

Another sneak peek at the roadmap reveals POOL staking, vault incentives, hooks, and integrations.

See you by the pool

We hope this article has excited you to dive in and try out the new PoolTogether.

You are invited to help improve the hyperstructure and set it up for a successful public launch. The 30-day countdown begins now. Enjoy the private beta.

Mint “Hey Anon” today

We invite you to mint “Hey Anon” if you haven't already. A commemorative Pooly NFT celebrating the beta launch of PoolTogether V5. This open edition mint starts today and runs for 30 days.


Dive Deeper

Q & A

Why private beta?

The goal is to make the public launch a success. PoolTogether V5 is fully immutable. Once deployed, parameters like prize distribution and frequency cannot be changed. The private beta allows for fine-tuning protocol parameters and ensures the system is well performant.

Wen promo?

The protocol might undergo re-deployment during the beta phase for the purpose of fine-tuning its parameters. Promotion of PoolTogether V5 begins when the protocol is live for all. You can help now by spreading the word and sharing your story with the new PoolTogether on the socials!

Wen public launch?

The public launch of PoolTogether V5 is planned for October 2nd. Subscribe below to stay in the loop.

Disclaimer: The PoolTogether protocol is non-custodial and autonomous, be sure to understand the risks of using decentralized finance software before using the protocol.

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