Bring Your Friends to Optimism
August 5th, 2022

Bring Your Friends to Optimism ✨

What if your friends could start earning rewards and winning prizes by only creating a wallet. 🤯

No linking bank accounts, credit cards, or onboarding hassles. All the benefits of DeFi, none of the annoyance.

It’s time to free your friends from centralized finance and bring DeFi to the masses.

It’s time to bring your friends to Optimism. 🔴__🔴

How is this possible?

The PoolTogether protocol has a revolutionary ability — delegation.

Delegation works like magic. ✨

It enables any wallet to get all the benefits of depositing without needing to deposit. This happens by a wallet with a deposit delegating a portion of their deposit. Most importantly:

  • The original wallet keeps full control of the deposit
  • The wallet receiving the delegation gets the full benefit of the deposit

Right now on Optimism, that means ~8% APR & a chance to win hundreds of prizes everyday.

All the fun of DeFi with none of the pain. Here’s how to share it with your friends.

3 Steps to bring your friends

Step 1: Get your friend’s wallet address

To receive a delegation, all someone needs is a wallet address. Text your friend and ask them to download a wallet and send you back their wallet address.

Make it easy for them by texting them a link to download a wallet like Rainbow:

Step 2: Delegate to your friend

If you don’t already have a PoolTogether deposit, make one.

Once you have a deposit you’ll use the delegation app to delegate to your friends wallet. That app is available here:

Setting up a delegation is simple. You can delegate some or all of your deposits to as many wallets as you desire!

You can still withdraw at any time. To regain your chances of winning, reset the delegation to your own address.

You can still withdraw at any time. To regain your chances of winning, reset the delegation to your own address.

Step 3: Watch your friends fall in love with DeFi

Your friend will instantly start earning rewards AND be eligible to check for prizes everyday.

Just tell your friend to go to and connect their wallet. They will see the delegation, their chances to win, and their rewards accruing!

What’s Next

PoolTogether is the on-ramp to the decentralized world. The delegation ability makes it easier than ever to get started.

Have questions or need help? Join the Discord.

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