Meme Contest: Unleash the PoolTogether Hyperstructure

Meme Contest: Unleashing the PoolTogether Hyperstructure

The all-new PoolTogether has arrived. Not only does Version 5 introduce significant improvements at the protocol layer, but it also necessitates a complete reimagining of existing Defi concepts.

What’s a better way to do so than through the means of memes? Memes are universal, offering a platform for people to grasp concepts, ideas, or opinions they may not have encountered, contemplated, or considered previously. Much like genes are pivotal to our evolution, memes play a crucial role in shaping our culture by swiftly and reliably conveying important information at a cultural level.

This is why the PoolTogether community invites anyone to channel their creativity into memes to educate and entertain about PoolTogether V5! Read on to learn how to participate and what’s in it for winners. 🏆👀

What You Need to Know 📌

  • Contest Kick-Off: November 28th, 2023

  • Deadline for Entries: Get those memes in by December 12th, 2023.

  • Winner Shoutout: Watch out for the big reveal on December 15th!

Seize the Memes of Production 🎨

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  1. Choose or design a meme-worthy image, GIF, or video. To give your memes the appropriate PoolTogehter-touch, you can tap into the BrandKit on Figma.

  2. Craft some genius, hilarious, or deep text highlighting V5 features, such as Dynamic Prize Distribution, Permissionless Vaults, AMM Asset Swaps, Hyperstructures, All-POOL Prizes, Bot Economy, Zero Governance Controls, or others!

  3. Share your Meme to any of the following platforms before December 12th:

    1. X - Tweet your masterpiece and tag @PoolTogether_

    2. Lens -  Post your masterpiece and tag @PoolTogether

    3. Farcaster - Post your masterpiece in the PoolTogether channel with a fun description

Prizes 🏆

A total of $200,000 in Delegations are waiting for the winners! On top of that, the best meme will be minted as Open Edition on the PoolTogether Zora.

  • 🥇 Gold (1 winner): 70k pUSDC.e delegation

  • 🥈 Silver (2 winners): 50k pUSDC.e delegation

  • 🥉 Bronze (3 winners): 10k pUSDC.e delegation

All delegations will last a minimum of three weeks.

Learn More & Get Inspired 💭

Don’t let your memes be dreams and best of luck!

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