Prize Notifications on PoolTogether
August 1st, 2022

Sup nerds,

Welcome to the pool!

PoolTogether rewards you for saving, and we all know saving with PoolTogether is fun. Do you know what’s even better than that? Winning with PoolTogether. Let me show you how you never miss claiming your prizes:

With a deposit in PoolTogether you can either use the App to check for prizes or relax after opting in for prize notifications.

Prize Notifications track your PoolTogether deposits across networks and let you know when it’s time to claim a prize.

🏆 Track multiple wallets
🏆 Receive messages when you win prizes
🏆 Get surprised by feeling like a winner

On Telegram

The PoolTogether Wins Tracker helps you to track your deposit by sending a message to your Telegram inbox when you win a prize on PoolTogether. It allows you to track up to 5 addresses and get notified 1 hour before you can claim your prize in the dApp.

Follow the link and send a message with /help for instructions.

On Discord

To receive Prize Notificaitons on Discord you’ll need to

  • Be a member of the PoolTogether Discord community (join here)
  • Allow direct messages from server members in your Discord privacy settings
  • Send a DM to Pooly#0679 with “pooly help”

Pooly lets you track up to 10 wallets and will chirp you a message once you win!

💡 Be careful of scammers & impersonators when you turn on private messages. No one from PoolTogether will DM you and ask for funds or personal information.

Special shoutout to Max’ for building the telegram version and underthesea for building the Discord version of Prize Notifications. 👏

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