Building Wells by staking ETH

When you’re reading this you probably have access to clean tap water. More than 2 billion people don’t.

Crypto isn’t just digital currency - it’s a tool to change the world. It can unlock more than just financial freedom. But with a multitude of causes seeking for help - each of them worth supporting - there is only so much you can do with your personal resources before they run out.

What if you could make change without actually spending your money?

Everyone wins is a PoolTogether pool that allows you to save money, win prizes and support public goods at the same time.

This works by turning the daily stETH yield into weekly prizes. Public goods are a winner by default as 50% of the prize pool goes to charity every week.

By depositing Lido’s staked ETH token you become eligible to participate and win in future prize draws. The best part: you can just withdraw your stETH in full whenever you need it back.

1 stETH = 1 Well

After being live for 20 weeks we’re now partnering with The Giving Block to support WaterAid’s Crypto Water Fund.

WaterAid is an international organization that works to improve access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene in some of the world's poorest communities. The Giving Block helps to bridge from protocol layer to real world impact.

Our goal: Amass 1 ETH to fund the creation of one well. Through the weekly prize split all depositors are directly contributing to unlock access to water for the people that need it.

Every week’s yield is donated to WaterAid America using a smart contract that unwraps and swaps the prize to ETH. This is a completely permissionless process as anyone can call the donation function and beneficiary address can’t be changed until the donation has been executed.

Draw 21 was the first prize draw contributing to the new goal. Thanks to the x in the app, checking on the status is now super easy. We already make it 7% of the way:

Quick math: 1 stETH = 1 ETH = 1 Well
Quick math: 1 stETH = 1 ETH = 1 Well

Based on the current TVL it will take 14 weeks until we can say well funded. Help us to get there sooner!

👉 Deposit now to help us fund our first well

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