PoolTogether Content Booster

TL;DR: We are rewarding creators and scouts! Read on to learn how to participate.

What’s the Content Booster?

The content booster aims to reward the best and most helpful PoolTogether content. It is an ongoing program, rewarding content creators every month.

Each month’s top creators share a prize pool of 1000 Prize USDC. That means winning content automatically enters you into the pool and allows you to win more. The winners of each round will be announced at the beginning of the following month.

Not a creator? Become a scout!

For all those highly informed lurkers out there, we have something special: Pool Scouts. You can help reward creators by submitting PoolTogether content you find online. Two scouts share a $10,000 delegation each month.


What kind of contributions are accepted?

All content must be original and up to date. Applicable content sources are Twitter threads, long-form Lens & Farcaster posts, Mirror & Medium articles, as well as Youtube Videos. In principle, any contribution that brings value to the PoolTogether ecosystem increases awareness, or drives adoption can be submitted.

What kind of contributions are not eligible?

Any kind of:

  • Shill, pump, or hype-type content

  • Basic recycled or remixed content

  • Podcasts

  • Partnerships, collaborations, or contributions by companies (instead, reach out here)

How can I participate?

To participate, please submit your work on PoolTogether Discord in the #content-booster channel.

Who is the jury?

The Community Team is responsible for the monthly judging.

How much will the winners receive?

The monthly budget is 1000 Prize USDC. The amount each contributor receives depends on the quality of work and competition during the month. In case any of the budget isn’t distributed in one month

Join us by the Pool

Thanks for reading! You can help by sharing this article with your favorite content creators! If you are curious now, say hello on PoolTogether Discord. Follow PoolTogether on Twitter, Lens, and Mirror to never miss a beat. 🌊🏆

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