The Infinite Prize Machine

The Infinite Prize Machine

PoolTogether V5 launched on October 18th as the foundation for globally accessible prize savings. This version isn’t just a version, but is the PoolTogether Hyperstructure: an immutable, autonomous protocol for global prize savings.

We have spent over four years iterating on prize savings protocols, and have learned a tremendous amount in the process. Through repeated experiments, by ourselves and others, we now recognize the qualities of a foundational protocol.

The PoolTogether Hyperstructure

PoolTogether V5 is:

  • Simple. Users just hold prize tokens to receive prizes; there is no need to claim prizes manually. The only action a user needs to do is to hold!

  • Autonomous. There is no more governance; there are no manual parameters in the core protocol. Scaling across L2s and other chains will be a snap.

  • Immutable. The core protocol is immutable. Users can trust the rules of the system to never change, and other protocols can build on the system with confidence.

  • Incentivized. Key mechanisms of the system are incentivized and public, so that anyone may drive the protocol forward.

  • Permissionless. Anyone can extend the protocol with new assets and yield sources.

Philosophically, the new design much more closely resembles blockchains themselves. We are building the Ethereum of prize savings. The core prize rules are immutable, but everything around it can be customized. Some examples:

  • Create new Vaults for new assets or yield sources

  • Create Vaults that contribute a portion of prizes (or all of them!) to public goods

  • Create Vaults that split prizes among depositors

  • Use prize hooks to redirect prizes to random NFT holders

  • Use prize hooks to automatically exchange prizes for any token

These are just a few ways that the protocol can be customized!

The POOL Token

While governance control of the protocol has been eliminated, the POOL token still plays a crucial role in the hyperstructure. The POOL token serves as the unified prize asset. This is critical as a means to:

  • unlock scalability. All yield is consolidated to POOL, so we can integrate any number of assets or yield sources: contributions are normalized and comparable so we can disburse chance proportionally without the use of an oracle.

  • create deep prize liquidity. Having prizes in a single token allows us to have the largest prizes possible and create network effects.

  • align stakeholders. POOL token holders want a strong protocol and deep liquidity, just like the users.

  • value the network. There is a finite supply of POOL, so long-term holders can speculate on the future value of the network.

The POOL token still controls the protocol treasury, however. Token holders will continue to disburse funds from the treasury, like a foundation.

New Tokenomics

The hyperstructure leaves a lot of room for different sustainable incentive structures to be built around the protocol. The beauty of this design is that as volume and TVL increases the protocol becomes more and more efficient.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved! You can enjoy the protocol or go deeper and become a part of the community. The PoolTogether protocol is now actively maintained by many different teams, so there is always room for new contributors.

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Welcome to the infinite prize machine!

Mint “By the Pool”

Celebrate the launch of PoolTogether V5 by minting the second in a series of commemorative NFTs. This Open Edition mint starts today and will be available for 30 days. Be on the lookout for more in this series soon.

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