Welcome to No Loss November

There’s absolutely no reason for you to be losing in November. Forget about looking at the charts, don’t go searching for yield. The PoolTogether community is here to make some lucky fish win extra!

Just put your stables to work and deposit your USDC into PoolTogether on Optimism. And if you’re lucky, you could win $50,000 in boosted chances this month!

What is PoolTogether?

PoolTogether is a savings account with superpowers. 🦸 It gives everyone the chance to win thousands of prizes every day while being able to get their money back at any time. It’s a decentralized protocol you can use without needing to trust any person or company.

Fully immutable and non-custodial. That means no one has access to your funds but you. Forever.

What is No Loss November? How can I participate?

During No Loss November, we are giving away a $50,000 delegation boost each week to one wallet that has increased their deposit during the previous week.

By depositing into PoolTogether this November, you…

  • increase your savings in USDC

  • increase your chances of winning prizes

  • increase your share $OP token rewards

and are eligible to become one of the lucky fish taking home a 50k delegation!

All you have to do to participate in No Loss November is to increase your PoolTogether deposit on Optimism. That’s it - you’re in! 🌊🏆

How does this work? What’s a delegation?

Delegation is a PoolTogether feature that allows anyone to share their chance of winning prizes with others.

That means if you get delegated $50,000 - you have the chance to win on PoolTogether as if you would have $50,000 deposited yourself. Learn about the full functionality of PoolTogether’s deposit delegator here.

Why are we doing that? Because at PoolTogether, we like to see everyone win. No Loss all the way. Follow Poolmanager.eth on Twitter for all updates about No Loss November.

All set?

  1. If you’re already a Pooler, deposit more here

  2. If you’re new to PoolTogether, read the steps to deposit

  3. If you want to dive deeper, join our community on Discord

Don’t forget to subscribe:

The PoolTogether protocol is non-custodial and autonomous, be sure to understand the risks of using decentralized finance software before using it.

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