Delegation Week

Delegation Week is live now and the PoolTogether community is in! This article explains what’s going on and how you can participate.

Delegation What?

Delegation Week is a 5-day event across the ecosystem focussing on token holder and delegate engagement.

Other participants include DAOs like Arbitrum, Optimism, ENS, and Uniswap, delegates like Stablelab, She256, Flipside Crypto, and Blockchain at USC, and tools like Tally, Boardroom, or Karma.

Why should I show up?

The PoolTogether protocol is fully governed through onchain governance. Control over the PoolTogether protocol rests in the hands of the POOL token holders.

Delegation Week creates a fix-point for an ecosystem-wide governance health check. Are governance delegates still active? Are governance powers evenly distributed? Have new delegates joined the community and are currently underrepresented? It’s time to review!

Apart from a full week of events you can participate in, there are two calls to action:

1) Token Holders

POOL token holders are encouraged to review their delegations in PoolTogether governance. If you’re looking for active Poolers to delegate to you can find them on Tally or browse through the pitches on the PoolTogether governance forum.

Wallets holding more than 50 POOL will be eligible for a free delegation transaction on Tally during Delegation Week. Read on to learn more.

👉 Review your delegation

2) Governance Delegates

PoolTogether delegates are encouraged to review their delegate profiles. Community members who are seeking for delegations can check the box

For additional visibility consider pitching yourself on the governance forum, too.

👉 Review your profile

🆓 Bonus: Gasless Delegations 🆓

The gas is too damn high? Don’t worry - that’s covered for during delegation week to remove the barrier of gas costs to governance participation.

All wallets holding ≥50 POOL are eligible for one gasless delegation. Holders can check their eligibility here. Tally will relay the signed EIP-2771 transaction and cover the gas. Eligible wallets can delegate to any address including their own.

Get a Governance Refresher

Learn about the works of protocol governance in PoolTogether’s governance documentation or get a quick refresher in the Voting and Delegation 101 guide.

Alternatively join the PoolTogether spotlight on Wednesday May 24th at 1pm EST. Here is the full line up of this week’s spaces:

Dive deeper

See you all onchain! 👋

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