Bonus Rewards are live on PoolTogether V5

PoolTogether just got even more rewarding. OP Rewards are live on five hyperstructure vaults! 🎄

By holding prize tokens you now get:

  • A chance for daily, weekly, monthly, AND yearly prizes

  • No loss and the ability to withdraw in full at any time

  • Guaranteed OP rewards (Currently, up to 58.15% APR)

For starters, the bonus rewards are set to the following parameters:

  • 500 OP per week for $USDC, $DAI, and Prize $wETH

  • 250 OP per week for USDC.e and legacy wETH vault

After 4 weeks, these rewards will be adjusted based on TVL and accruing yield.

How can I earn OP Rewards?

It’s simple. If you’re holding Prize Tokens you’re earning rewards! You can get Prize Tokens by depositing via or

Alternatively, you can swap or zap into V5 prize vaults. Bear in mind that liquidity can vary and make sure to watch out for the price impact. For bigger deposits, it is recommended to deposit via one of the interfaces as you are guaranteed a 1:1 rate that way.

OP Rewards are distributed based on your time-weighted average balance (TWAB). This represents your average deposit in a vault over time.

How can I claim my OP?

The bonus rewards are dispersed in weekly epochs and accrue in real-time. The claiming unlocks every Saturday at 4 pm UTC.

Fun fact: Setting up rewards is fully permissionless. Anyone can deploy a reward campaign for any PoolTogether prize vault. The current rewards are set up for weekly epochs (every week you can claim an amount), but the rewards app allows for full customization.

Any Questions?

The PoolTogether community has got you covered! Join the community on Discord or Farcaster and follow PoolTogether on X, Lens & Mirror.

As PoolTogether grows, it gets better! PoolTogether’s true potential lies in the collective sum of many. Join us by the pool in our mission to grow prizes for everyone.

The PoolTogether Protocol is non-custodial and autonomous, be sure to understand the risks of using decentralized finance software before using the protocol.

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