POAPs at PoolTogether
March 10th, 2022

In general POAPs are a great way to engage with the community, reward contributors and reflect on the things we’ve experienced together.

Thanks to our poolers Oops (Weekly POAP Designs since day 1), Nahuel (always got your back when it comes to distribution) and Pedro our community has some the dankest POAPs out there — that’s a fact. 🔥👏

Looking back at the Swim Meet Designs made by Oops
Looking back at the Swim Meet Designs made by Oops

…but also the reason PoolTogether POAPs get heavily farmed by people that have no connection to the DAO or protocol at all.

Contributor-, Milestone- and Entertainment-POAPs

To tackle this we’re releasing new sets of unfarmable POAPs, only given out to close contributors and supporters of the protocol. This will allow us to finally build more utility on top of these POAPs.

The first POAPs of this kind have already been released, and there are more to be announced. Big shoutout and thank you once again to Oops & Pedro for the Designs and to Nahuel for all the ongoing behind the scenes work! 🌊🏆

All in all the POAPs can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Contributor POAPs (123)
  2. Milestone POAPs (123)
  3. Entertainment POAPs (1)

They’re aiming to:

  • Recognize and reward contributors of the PoolTogether DAO
  • Enable poolers to to use them as proof of work, web3 CV, or achievements in the space
  • Allow us build utility on top of POAPs like giving out free rewards, access to events & more

Over time and with deeper involvement of individual contributors in PoolTogether, the POAPs will introduce different levels to gamify your path while you evolve in the DAO.

New Contributor POAPs designed by Pedro
New Contributor POAPs designed by Pedro

Want to contribute yourself?

Get involved! Reach out if you have ideas how to add even more utility and value to those POAPs! Apart from that:

  1. Join the Community Call & Swim Meet every Friday.
  2. Check dao.pooltogether.com if you want to know more about the PoolTogether DAO.
  3. Come to one of our DAO Onboarding Calls (every Wednesday) if you’re new here.
  4. Do you already know how to bring value to the DAO? Apply for a grant with PoolGrants.
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