September 6th, 2022

PoolTogether is the best way to save money. But getting started has been hard. It’s required downloading a wallet, storing private keys, and figuring out how to convert your money to tokens. Today, that’s all changing:

Saving with PoolTogether is now featured in the Coinbase app! Let’s have a look at what this means.

Tired of losing money to your friends every season? A new PoolTogether use case just dropped to help you out! 

Introducing: No Loss Fantasy Football

Originating from a collaboration between the Thales and PoolTogether communities comes a concept to change the world of fantasy sports forever.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create your own No Loss fantasy sports league. 👇

Optimism allows for fast transactions with low fees, PoolTogether is the best onramp to DeFi and one of the most important tools to create personal wealth.

Still not convinced? There are three good reasons to be optimistic about PoolTogether this summer:

  1. Stable savings
  2. A chance to win
  3. Guaranteed rewards

Sup Poolers,

Once again we leveraged the power of Dework to come together around a shared cause: to make it easy to enter the Optimism ecosystem.

In PTB-10 creators had the chance to either submit videos or articles. The result is a ton of incredible submissions on both sides! Let’s have a look at our favorites:

Bring Your Friends to Optimism ✨

What if your friends could start earning rewards and winning prizes by only creating a wallet. 🤯

No linking bank accounts, credit cards, or onboarding hassles. All the benefits of DeFi, none of the annoyance.

August 2nd, 2022

As of today, all depositors have a better chance to win prizes. This is due to the 5th update to the prize distribution going live!

Prizes across the PoolTogether network grow! As deposits grow both the total amount of prizes and the dollars distributed grows with it!

Sup nerds,

Welcome to the pool!

PoolTogether rewards you for saving, and we all know saving with PoolTogether is fun. Do you know what’s even better than that? Winning with PoolTogether. Let me show you how you never miss claiming your prizes:

With a deposit in PoolTogether you can either use the App to check for prizes or relax after opting in for prize notifications.

Zapper V2 is live for everyone, and it’s better than ever. Why are we talking about Zapper? Because it makes using PoolTogether easy! But let’s start at the beginning:

PoolTogether? Zapper?

Just as PoolTogether is your home for savings, making wealth creation accessible & fun — Zapper is exactly that but for Web3. It’s demystifying blockchain data and, by doing that, making it actionable and fun to use.

Sounds like a recipe for besties! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Since its launch in 2019, PoolTogether’s premise remains strong but simple. PoolTogether is:

  • A savings account on the blockchain
  • The best way to introduce people to DeFi
  • The best place to deposit your stablecoins

It's simple to understand, use & explain, with a real-world economic purpose.

Summer Time = Pool Season

The long-anticipated Layer 2 summer is finally here and with it, PoolTogether is coming to Optimism!

This guide covers everything you need to start your career as a true Optimism nerd. Get ready to become optimistic about your savings.

Meme by thumbsup.lens
Meme by thumbsup.lens

Poolers, Nerds, Meme Lords & general Optimists,

L2 summer has started and it’s officially pool season. PoolTogether is coming to Optimism! 🔴_🔴

To test the shared waters we asked the community to seize the memes of production with just another POOL Bounty.

May 10th, 2022

How to use PoolTogether when you’ve never used Web3 or crypto before?

Are you new to crypto? Or just don’t want to deal with Metamask… Maybe you just don’t know how to swap a token? In this article, I want to give you a tour of my journey using PoolTogether like a newbie.

Everything started because a Contest

PoolTogether on Twitter shared this twitte about a contest to win a nice delegation of 10,000$ for a week and it was interesting for me because I noticed a low participation rate which mean more chance to win (BTW I won two times)

Let’s go Poolers - PoolStreaks Season IV is here!

What's PoolStreaks?

PoolStreaks is a community-led game on the PoolTogether Discord, open to all POOL token holders.

March 20th, 2022

PoolTogether was one of the first series of Quests available on RabbitHole, providing an incentive for new users to explore PoolTogether, deposit funds, and experience their first no-loss prize draws on the platform. Quests and other initiatives on RabbitHole have driven over 5,000 users to deposit on PoolTogether Celo and over 6,000 to deposit on PoolTogether Polygon.

RabbitHole’s partnerships typically involve receiving tokens in exchange for facilitating quests to drive new engagement. Many of these tokens, like POOL, convey governance rights. This year a new working group has formed to take responsibility for exercising RabbitHole’s voting power. We call this metagovernance — the process of a decision-making group in one DAO forming a conclusion and executing a vote in the governance of another.

In general POAPs are a great way to engage with the community, reward contributors and reflect on the things we’ve experienced together.

Thanks to our poolers Oops (Weekly POAP Designs since day 1), Nahuel (always got your back when it comes to distribution) and Pedro our community has some the dankest POAPs out there — that’s a fact. 🔥👏

Looking back at the Swim Meet Designs made by Oops
Looking back at the Swim Meet Designs made by Oops

…but also the reason PoolTogether POAPs get heavily farmed by people that have no connection to the DAO or protocol at all.