Building Open Products

PoolTogether has had a strong community of builders from its earliest days, largely due to the efforts of the founding team to include the community in the design and direction of PoolTogether.

Open-sourcing everything from the code to the brand is an intentional tactic PoolTogether has employed to encourage and support builders, and it has worked beautifully.

A Peek into the Poolyverse

Community contributors have built significant pieces of the PoolTogether universe. Let’s take a moment to look back at some of the community’s favorites:

  • Pooltime - All-in-one front end for PoolTogether V5

  • PTList - Generate a PoolTogether vault list from an account's deposits.

  • - A staked ETH charity pool

  • RetroPool - Public goods funding via PoolTogether delegations

  • Pooly Bot - The community’s Discord bot for prize notifications and protocol statistics

  • Wins Tracker - Prize notifications via Telegram

  • - an in-depth statistics dashboard for V4

  • Pool Explorer - a V4 community front end with extended features

  • Poolygotchi - a digital pet to track and achieve savings goals

  • PrizeCalc - a calculator for prizes and delegations

  • PoolTogether Brownie - Useful scripts to interact with the PoolTogether v4 smart contracts

  • - a gateway for serving decentralized websites from .pool domains

  • Polygon POOL pool - a V3 community pool with weekly POOL prizes

  • - a website to highlight the luckiest winners of PoolTogether V3

  • An excessive list of Dune Dashboards: V4, V5, pToken Liquidity, and more

  • A variety of art excursions - Pfers, Chippi Pooly, Chibi Poolys, Friends of Pooly

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The community continuously collaborates on growing the protocol and its ecosystem, together. The contributions and trust of these Poolers are one of PoolTogether’s superpowers.

Cabana - a suite of tools for V5

With PoolTogether version 5, the Generation Software team leaned into this strength even further, creating a suite of open source tools to support people building on top of PoolTogether.

This includes the Cabana App, an interface for depositing and withdrawing from PoolTogether, Cabana Swaps for swapping into prize tokens, Cabana Factory, for creating prize vaults, Cabana Lists, for curating vault lists, and Cabanalytics, for tracking the current state of the protocol and its various functions.

As a result builders are already showing up on V5. We’ve seen multiple community vaults launched and multiple teams are actively building on top of v5.

An Open Source Brand

In addition to releasing technical tools and code, the Generation team has committed to expanding the PoolTogether brand kit.

This resource was released earlier this year during PoolyCon and included not just the basic brand assets related to PoolTogether but also a large collection of PoolTogether related illustrations and artwork. In the coming months that brand kit will be expanded to include new elements from the recent redesign of We will also be releasing the Cabana UI kit. Our ultimate goal is to enable anyone to easily design and launch their own interfaces and extensions to the protocol.

Join us by the Pool

PoolTogether's journey shows how effective community collaboration and open-source development is in driving innovation. Much of the protocol’s strength has come from our diverse group of contributors. With the release of PoolTogether version 5, and its new tools, we continue to reinforce our position as one of the leading communities in Defi. To get involved and stay up to date:

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