Double the Rewards

$OP Rewards, LP Incentives & Voter Bribes

TL;DR: $OP rewards and $POOL prizes on PoolTogether, LP rewards and $OP bribes on Velodrome.

The year kicks off with a race where everyone comes out a winner. Presenting: The 2024 Aquabike Race! An Aquabike Race is a triathlon minus the running (we know you’re lazy and running by the pool is dangerous). The disciplines in this loserless competition are as follows:

  1. Swimming in Rewards

  2. Cycling for Incentives & Bribes

$OP Rewards for pWETH Holders 🏊

PoolTogether is for saving money and winning prizes. The protocol makes it compelling to be onchain by adding the excitement of potentially receiving outsized returns in the form of life-changing prizes. Now, you can even earn while waiting to win:

All $pWETH holders are currently getting 11.11% APR in $OP!

How does it work? The wETH Prize Vault enables anyone to save $WETH, win $POOL prizes, and earn guaranteed $OP rewards. Bonus Rewards accrue in real-time based on your time-weighted average balance. The $OP is distributed in weekly epochs and unlocks every Saturday.

The next batch of bonus rewards has been deployed and will last until the end of March.

LP Rewards and Vote Bribes 🚴

Swap your swimsuits for a bike and join us in the Velodrome.

What’s Velodrome?

Velodrome launched in June 2022 as a next-gen AMM built on Optimism. Using Velodrome, users can swap seamlessly between tokens and provide liquidity, benefiting from Optimism’s low transaction costs. For more information on Velodrome, check out their docs.

How’s that good for PoolTogether?

PoolTogether users can use Velodrome to easily swap in and out of $POOL. Additionally, anyone can earn fees from providing liquidity or receive bribes from voting on the $POOL pair.

Over the coming weeks, the POOL/WETH liquidity pair is receiving 500 $OP in bribes per epoch, which means that both liquidity providers and voters are in double to triple digit yields. Have a look:

  • Voting Rewards: 68% APR (here)

  • LP Rewards: 128% APR (here)

This liquidity push is led by the DeFi Collective. Shoutout for the support in deepening $POOL liquidity on Optimism. 🐜🫡

Disclaimer: POOL/WETH is a volatile token pair. Please be aware of the risks when providing liquidity.

See you by the Pool 🏁

We’re keeping it short so you have more time for rewards! To learn more and get involved, say hi on the PoolTogether Discord server or in the PoolTogether channel on Warpcast, and follow PoolTogether on Twitter, Lens, or Mirror.

The PoolTogether protocol is non-custodial and autonomous. Be sure to understand the risks of using decentralized finance software before using the protocol.

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